Frequently Asked Questions About Making Display Paper Rack

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Display Paper Rack

1. Question: are all the display paper shelves, hook type paper display shelves, paper display boxes, table stands, pallet type stackers, large position displays, paper tags, advertising enterprise signs and packaging boxes produced by you?
A: we are only one factory in this industry, and there are countless manufacturers that can produce these products. Some are carton factories, some are printing factories, some are advertising companies, and some are trading companies. The difference between us and them is that we only focus on these in order to shine in this industry and better serve the public.
2. Q: where are your products mainly used? Are convenient points and auto parts cities also suitable for use?
A: it is suitable for use in all terminal stores. There are some problems that users should pay attention to when using in different places, such as moisture-proof, sun protection, heavy commodity pressure, placing heavy products, moving them frequently, and regular maintenance.
3. Q: are all your products made of paper? Are they environmentally friendly?
A: Yes, it is mainly or entirely made of corrugated paper. It is often used as high-strength corrugated paper bonded with printed face paper. It is internationally recognized that exports can be exempted from inspection.
4. Q: how can I order paper exhibits in your company?
A: it’s easy to customize paper exhibits in our company. The first thing to do is to determine your promotion plan in the early stage. We make it according to the theme of your promotion plan. List the display requirements and relevant product data and provide them to us. After that, we will make it. Please let our business serve you more!
5. Q: why do I need to book paper exhibits?
A: because of the characteristics of paper exhibits, we do not keep them in stock because they cannot be kept for a long time, are moisture-proof, are sunscreen, are personalized, and the color of the printing fades with time. We will not produce more until we confirm the specific quantity after receiving the order.
6. Q: does your factory accept orders from overseas?
A: our products are exported both at home and abroad. No matter where your order comes from, we will be happy to accept your order. At present, many overseas businesses have friendly cooperative relations with us. Friends from Hong Kong and Singapore most want to order goods from us. At the same time, the process of product export procedures is also very simple.
7. Q: there is no style I want to purchase on your company’s website. Can I suggest it to the manufacturer
A: of course. Provide us with your promotion theme or some product related materials, and we will provide free design and planning schemes based on these materials. All you need to do is cooperate and confirm.
8. Q: can you customize a paper display stand with the same model on your website?
A: the products displayed on the website are cases with customers who have cooperated with us. The same product can only be used in the same company. The reason is that the business logo, product information, etc. are printed on it, and the customer only authorizes us to process them for no other purpose, and there are written provisions when signing the contract, so it is not allowed to use the same model. However, you can refer to the same style, and then combine the selling points of your own products to make similar styles.
9. Q: what information do I need to provide to customize the paper display stand?
Answer: we need to provide the product size, surface printing materials (if not, it can be designed by the manufacturer), promotion theme, where to place it, consumer groups, size and location of terminal stores, and whether it is for domestic or foreign use.
10. Q: can the paper display stand carry things, or is it just for display and publicity?
A: the paper display shelf can not only display products, but also display promotional products and promotion themes. Different businesses will have different hobbies. If it carries heavy goods, it can be realized by modifying the internal structure.
11. Q: can paper exhibits be printed according to the seller’s design documents?
A: of course, paper exhibits can be customized according to the seller’s requirements. The material of the paper display is the face paper bonded by corrugated cardboard, which is the part that can print exquisite patterns.
12. Q: how long does it take to select the desired style for proofing? How much is it?
A: normally it takes 1-3 days. According to the requirements of the negotiation, draw a knife mold line diagram, cut it with a proofing machine, and then glue it together. It is free to make samples (the premise is that there is a large intention to cooperate, depending on the merchants in different situations).
13. Q: can the manufacturer provide engineering drawings after selecting the promotion scheme style? Or does it give me a good idea to make the proposal?
A: Yes. Some businesses can’t understand very well, so we provide image engineering drawings to let them have a deeper understanding. The selected promotion scheme needs to be designed by our experienced designers, evaluated whether it is reasonable and put forward reasonable suggestions to solve the doubts of merchants.
14. Q: how long can I receive the sample after paying the sample fee?
A: we will make samples within 1-3 days after paying the fee. The first way to send samples is to send them in person, and then they may be received by express on the same day or the next day (except for remote areas).
15. Q: what should I do if I don’t know how to assemble the samples after receiving them?
A: you can rest assured that under normal circumstances, the sample surface is equipped with an assembly instruction. According to the above schematic instructions, you can easily experience the fun of DIY assembly.
16. Q: after confirming the sample, how can we cooperate with the factory in production?
A: after confirming the samples, the next step is to enter the production process stage (200 to 500 PCs. is about 12-15 days, depending on the quantity). During this period, we will keep in touch with our customers. If something happens that is beyond the ability of human beings or machines, we will solve it in time so as not to affect the delivery date.
17. Q: can the sample fee be refunded if the cooperation project is cancelled?
A: I’m sorry. This is not returned by the factory. The cancellation of the project has little significance for this cooperation. The factory needs funds to make samples. If the samples the customer wants are obtained, the factory should get corresponding rewards.
18. Q: can I go to the factory to check the progress during the production of large goods?
A: because it means that you can successfully complete the production task, you can visit the factory for guidance. For safety reasons, non relevant staff are not allowed to enter the production area.
19. Q: did the manufacturer inform me of the inspection before the delivery date?
A: the customer will not be notified to inspect the goods before they are completely completed. Inspection means that everything is ready for delivery. After the goods have been completed, the customer will be notified to inspect the goods according to the international inspection standards.
20. Q: how much freight do I have to bear for the delivery of paper exhibits?
Answer: if the seller is required to bear the freight when signing the contract, all the expenses incurred shall be borne by the seller. The details are determined by the third party logistics price or negotiation. If the manufacturer bears the freight, we will safely deliver the goods to the designated warehouse and stack them.
21. Q: what should we do if the paper display products customized by the manufacturer have quality problems when they are shipped?
A: we can judge the location of the problem according to the quality problems. If the problem is not found during the inspection, it is not our responsibility for the third party’s use or transportation. If there is indeed our problem but it is not found during the inspection of the goods, it can be performed according to the contents of the signed contract. We give an explanation to customers with the mentality of solving problems.

Precautions for buyers before printing
1. Do not use the color of the screen or spray painting to request the printing color.
2. The color of the base drawing should not be less than 8%, otherwise the color is too light to be presented.
3. Due to the different inks and papers used by various printing plants, objects not printed by our company cannot be accepted as color matching samples.
4. When setting the width of the outer frame line, the minimum must be set at least 0.15mm, otherwise the printed matter is easy to break or fail to appear.
5. For the same file, in different times of printing, due to the problem of ink control, the color will be slightly different. It is normal for each color to have a color difference of about 10%; If there is an old file reprinted, please be sure to attach a color sample for color matching to avoid excessive color difference.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Making Display Paper Rack Online Service

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Display Paper Rack Online Service

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Display Paper Rack Online Service