“Customer first, to create quality” is the ideal of each and every family home to pursue, from the purchase of certain household products, you start to enjoy the home and so-and-so quality service. In our store, sales staff will carefully listen to each of your views, patience for your Q & A, loyal to give you reasonable advice to extend care to every corner of the family.

“Let a certain home users at ease” is our solemn commitment to each customer, we strive to do a good job in pre-sale, the sale of services, and truly reduce after-sales service, we are committed to: a certain home for all customers to buy furniture products Provide worry-free after-sales.
All products are to enjoy replacement parts within a year, five-year warranty and lifetime maintenance of the five-star service.
    1. Customer’s normal use of a certain household products within one year of any product quality problems, we are responsible for free repair or (not repair) replacement of similar products, more than one year warranty, we will, as the specific situation in China unified charges Standard charge related costs.
    2.Some household products are made by German advanced technology and raw materials. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble and install this product. Any problems caused by customers’ disassembly and assembly are not responsible.
    3. The customer must be the original home of a certain home products, the purchase of information stored properly, such as warranty cards, orders (contracts), such as the lack of relevant information, you can not enjoy one year warranty service free of charge.
Dedicated, green, professional services
When you use certain household products in an unexpected situation, please call our company’s sales outlets, three days after the sale of our staff will be tracked. We require: All customer repairs must be within three working days to answer and deal with comments, with the views of customers, we will promptly sent home repair.
Our after-sales department will be from time to time to customers after-sale visits or home maintenance, to ensure that our products can be used normally and good information collection.
All customers complaints, with hand processing, in the Guide, customers only need to reflect the problem to the sales outlets, you can contact us home repair; dealers, customers only need to reflect the problem to the point of sale, point of sale The problem will be reflected to the company after-sales service department will send the problem to the relevant departments to analyze the reasons and deal with feedback to ensure that the problem can be reasonable, fast and effective solution.

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