Huizhan Co., Ltd. – Perspex Factory

Huizhan Co., Ltd. – Perspex Factory

Huizhan Co., Ltd. is a plexiglass factory specializing in the design, processing and production of various types of plexiglass (acrylic) products.
Our company undertakes the following products: plexiglass products, high-end craft gift boxes, acrylic tea shelves, tea boxes, acrylic bookcases, acrylic computer display shelves, acrylic cordyceps boxes, food boxes, advertising light boxes, advertising billboards, various product display shelves, display shelves, exhibition cabinets, promotion platforms, medals and trophies, watch racks and watch stands, photo frames and photo frames, desk calendars, tobacco and wine racks, bathroom series, cosmetics display shelves, jewelry display shelves, CD shelf, meal tag, etc.
The main equipment includes: diamond polishing machine, water mill, large fire polishing machine, cloth wheel polishing machine, CO2 laser cutting machine, CNC advertising numerical control carving machine, cutting machine, trimming machine, gongs, sandblasting machine, drilling machine, plate printing machine, silk screen machine, hot press, oven, etc. The equipment is complete.
The process includes: laser engraving, laser engraving, seamless bonding, hot bending, seamless hot pressing, polishing, silk screen printing, oil spraying, sandblasting, etc.
Organic glass (acrylic) process products processing and forming one-stop service enterprise. Product design and development, processing and production services are integrated, which can meet the needs of different customers for the production process of products., The main production equipment is imported from Taiwan. We know that it is not enough to make high-quality products with advanced production equipment, so we have hired a group of senior technologists from Guangzhou (Taiwan funded factory) who have been engaged in the processing and manufacturing process of acrylic glass (acrylic) for many years. With technology as the core and product innovation as the guide, we have firmly grasped the trend of market development, especially through cooperation with communication electronics, daily necessities, cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, furniture and home furnishing, sugar, tobacco and wine, advertising media, exhibition, real estate and other industries, and achieved good market effects. Advanced production equipment, first-class customer service and professional technicians make us the first in the field of the industry, providing more exquisite and unique acrylic products for our customers.
The company supplies product display shelves, promotional leaflets, cosmetics display shelves, jewelry display shelves, promotional frames, glasses display shelves, bread boxes, prize seats, pen racks, mobile phone MP3 brackets, wine boxes, crystal signs, crystal photo frames, (super book) light boxes, plexiglass covers, plexiglass dyeing series, department cards, various silk screen cards, wine and meal cards, badges, instrument panels, image walls, badges and signs! Welcome dear customers to consult!
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Huizhan Co., Ltd. – Perspex Factory Online Service

Huizhan Co., Ltd. – Perspex Factory Online Service

Huizhan Co., Ltd. – Perspex Factory Online Service