paper Pallet Supermarket Retail display shelf
paper Pallet Supermarket Retail display shelf

paper Pallet Supermarket Retail display shelf

Product Details Page:
This paper tray supermarket retail display rack is made of high-strength corrugated cardboard through CMYK printing, glazing glue, paper mounting, assembly and other processes. It can be used to place various products such as daily necessities, kitchenware, food, toys and so on. Its structure is composed of PDQ boxes. The general size is 3-6 layers, and its tray has a variety of different design styles, We can design pallets with different shapes according to the requirements of customers and the characteristics of products, or we can design pallets with different bearing capacities according to the weight of customers’ products. The maximum bearing capacity can reach 120kg. With regard to packaging, we can provide customers with two packaging methods: three-dimensional packaging and folding flat packaging. The finished products of these two packaging methods are visually beautiful, firm, and not deformed. They highlight the product logo and publicity effect, and are light in weight, fast in assembly, convenient in transportation, green and environmentally friendly. They are suitable for various large-scale promotional activities, stores, shopping malls, exhibitions, etc. The patterns, colors, and shapes can be innovated freely, The publicity effect is excellent.

Product ordering information:
Material: 350g Powder Ash + K5
Printing: four color printing (or spot color printing), according to customer needs
Surface treatment: dumb glue, UV, glossy film,Sub membrane,Polishing,Oiling etc.
Packaging: (one box for three-dimensional packaging), or flat folding packaging, standard 5-layer carton export outer box, one or more boxes.
Minimum order quantity: 200 sets,Accept large orders。
Proofing time: 3-5 days
Large cargo cycle: 8-12 days, 200-3000 sets
Functions and features: This product can make your goods better displayed. Green environmental protection, light in weight, small in size, convenient in transportation, foldable, assembleable, easy to assemble without any tools, and can be used for many times. It can be customized and manufactured according to customers’ needs.
Purpose: advertising promotion, short-term promotion, product display; Suitable for placing in supermarkets, shopping malls, specialty stores, hypermarkets and other places;
Advantages: cheap price, green and environmental protection, simple and classic color, A sharp tool for terminal store advertising
Design: It can be designed according to customer drawings, or according to customer requirements and product features
Product application: food, children’s products, sports goods, IT products, clothing, daily necessities, cosmetics, jewelry and other industries

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paper Pallet Supermarket Retail display shelf Online Service

paper Pallet Supermarket Retail display shelf Online Service

paper Pallet Supermarket Retail display shelf Online Service