Wooden Daily Necessities Display stand
Wooden Daily Necessities Display stand

Wooden Daily Necessities Display stand

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This wooden commodity display shelf meets the export standard,Utilize Density board + Paste Pictures Craft Make Successful,It is mainly used to display daily chemical products such as shampoo, body wash, conditioner and soap,As well as other canned foods and beverages can be used for this display stand.The overall color of this display stand is black, which is in harmony with the product color and will not have a visual impact on customers,And it has a beautiful appearance design, which can not only create a simple and fashionable decorative style,It can also create a good shopping environment,Applied to the Product display Aspect ,.The display effect of the product will be increased 。At the same time, in terms of design, we added decorations consistent with the product according to the characteristics of the product to highlight the product characteristics, It Can make customers understand the displayed products more intuitively,。 We are a manufacturer that integrates design, production and sales and can provide one-stop service. We can customize wooden shelves of different standards and shapes according to various promotional needs of customers to enhance the publicity of products. If you have any needs, please contact us!

Product ordering introduction

Product details:Material: 5 \ 10 \ 15 \ 20 \ 25mm thick wood
Pictures: UV, Spray Draw, oil spraysiss, silk screen
Process flow: cutting, polishing, bonding and packaging
Packing: Stereoscopic Dimensional, one set per box or multiple sets per box
MOQ: 50 sets, accepting Big batch personalized customization
Proofing time: 10-15 days
Large cargo cycle: 20-25 days, 100-500 sets
Purpose: product display; Suitable for placing in supermarkets, shopping malls, specialty stores,
large shopping malls and other places;
Design: can be designed according to customer’s drawings, or according to customer’s requirements
and product characteristics
Product application: store display, food, children’s products, sporting goods, IT products,

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Wooden Daily Necessities Display stand Online Service

Wooden Daily Necessities Display stand Online Service

Wooden Daily Necessities Display stand Online Service