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The Benefits of Using Acrylic Signage



Also known as acrylic organic glass. Its high transparency, low price, easy to mechanical processing and other advantages, it is often used as a substitute for glass. So how to distinguish the quality of acrylic signage?
Acrylic plate 1, the poor quality of the brittle, knock board by hand, audible ringing voice. In the outdoor sun wind and rain after the plate color will be yellow, if the ink is Liepin then sign, the color will fade. Without the original luster. Such use of the organic glass plate made out of the logo, looking at will be very old.
2, the difference between the material method, can be used to burn the material, good organic glass material will not burn easily, but not a good material will soon burn up.
3, organic glass made the identification cards, some customers require very precise thickness, material quality tolerances will be relatively small, on the other hand, inferior material is difficult to achieve, Shenzhen city music display products company is committed to become the best China acrylic custom company, to provide customers with acrylic signs, signage, acrylic, acrylic manufacturers customized acrylic light boxes, acrylic display rack, acrylic products, glass products, etc..

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