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The Benefits of Using Acrylic Signage

Also known as acrylic organic glass. Its high transparency, low price, easy to mechanical processing and other advantages, it is often used as a substitute for glass. So how to distinguish the quality of acrylic signage? Acrylic plate 1, the poor quality of the brittle, knock board by hand, audible ringing voice. In the outdoor sun wind and rain after …

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What information do you need to customize acrylic display?

The need to provide acrylic display required display product size, quantity, weight bearing, screen printing, printing, screen: 4 color, 4 color offset printing; (if not can be designed by the manufacturer), the promotion theme, put in place, what consumer groups

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How to Maintain Acrylic Products

It is widely used in shopping malls, shops, hotels, restaurants, banks, schools, schools, schools and other places. Home, factories, hospitals, government agencies, but there are insufficient acrylic products, such as easy to draw flowers, do not wear friction, which also makes the maintenance of acrylic become more important. Plexiglass products its superior performance and advantages Visual effects: color variety, brilliant, …

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Paper green advertising display products

Green advertising refers to the printing to have environmental awareness, to strengthen the printing enterprises attach importance to the concept of environmental protection, and vigorously promote the conservation of resources, energy work, the implementation of circular economy, adhere to the scientific concept of development. Engaged in printing industry insiders should always adhere to the scientific concept of development, from the …

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Acrylic block and durability

Luxury glass, but not a vulnerability, acrylic acid found in many forms and uses, inside and outside. Recent Canadian gift fair with a unique way to display a transparent material, in fact, hard to say this is not glass. If you like the appearance of the concept of open and airy design, acrylic aesthetic is for you. Improve the production …

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China Company Announces LED Illuminated Display Range for Showcasing of Products

Hong Kong Lokshun Display Limited brings a wide variety of displays, fitted with LED, for showcasing different products, such as wine, jewelry, mobile phones, watches, cosmetics and others. China, November 09,2016/Free-Press-Release.com/ — Attractive displays play a great role in the advertising and sales of products. China based Lokshun Display Limited has a wide variety of displays that can be used …

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Outdoor LED Display Marke

Global Outdoor LED Display Market size contribution was higher than $2.6 billion for 2015 and is projected to record CAGR of more than 20.1% during forecast timeline. Key installation advantages include modern features like power efficacy, high definition resolution, portability, brightness, longevity and good pixel. All these factors are predicted to boost industry demand. Rising demandfor modern applications like perimeter boards, video …

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About Displays&Holders

About Displays&Holders Our philosophy has, and continues to be based on meeting our customer’s display needs to the fullest by listening to the customers, creating and providing the right product at the right price thereby providing extraordinary value to our customers. Our Competitive Advantages We know you have many online displays companies to choose from in finding the display or holder that …

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Acrylic Displays – Countertop Displays offer a wide variety of store fixture options

Acrylic Displays – Countertop Displays offer a wide variety of store fixture options Acrylic displays help to sell retail products faster than any other store fixtures on the market today. Many product lines include acrylic fixtures here. What are some of the examples of acrylic displays offered here? There are several product lines that include clear acrylic fixtures. Plastic product …

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