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How to Maintain Acrylic Products


It is widely used in shopping malls, shops, hotels, restaurants, banks, schools, schools, schools and other places. Home, factories, hospitals, government agencies, but there are insufficient acrylic products, such as easy to draw flowers, do not wear friction, which also makes the maintenance of acrylic become more important.
Plexiglass products its superior performance and advantages
Visual effects: color variety, brilliant, strong visual impact;
Impact resistance: 200 times the glass products, almost no risk of fracture;
Light transmission: light transmittance up to 95%, excellent light transmission, light soft;
Energy-saving: light transmission performance, a corresponding reduction in light, power, reduce the use of cost;
Weatherability: to ensure long-lasting non-fading, good quality plate life of up to 5-10 years;
Flammability: not self-ignition and self-extinguishing;
Durability: the product of the built-in light source has a good protection and extend the life of light source products;
Aesthetics: the process fine, was a mirror effect, no wrinkles, no seams, all riveting firmware can not be exposed;
Rationality: rational design, rain and moisture; open structure, easy maintenance.
Acrylic products can be used in the following ways for maintenance and maintenance
1. Cleaning
Acrylic products, without special treatment or by adding a hardener, the product itself is easy to wear, scratch. Therefore, the general dust treatment, you can use feathers or water rinse, and then wipe with soft cloth. If the surface of the oil disposal, soft detergent can be used to add water to soft cloth wipe.
2. Bonding
If the acrylic product is inadvertently damaged, it can be adhered by using an adhesive or fast drying agent of IPS adhesive glue / adhesive dichloromethane.
3. waxing
For products bright and beautiful, you can use liquid polishing wax, a soft cloth to wipe even to achieve the goal.
4. Polishing
If the product is scratched or surface wear is not very serious, you can try to use polishing machine (or car waxing machine) fitted with cloth wheel, dip the amount of liquid polishing wax, even lighting can be improved.

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