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У дома » Новини » Acrylic Displays – Плот дисплеи предлагат голямо разнообразие от възможности за магазин тела

Акрил дисплеи – Плот дисплеи предлагат голямо разнообразие от възможности за магазин тела


Акрил дисплеи – Плот дисплеи предлагат голямо разнообразие от възможности за магазин тела

Acrylic displays help to sell retail products faster than any other store fixtures on the market today. Много продуктови линии включват акрилни тела тук. Какви са някои от примерите на акрилни дисплеи предлагат тук? Има няколко продуктови линии, които включват ясни акрилни тела. Plastic product stands, acrylic displays are popular for retail business because they are transparent and durable. This online provider is the largest point of purchase, POS manufacturer in the country. See a huge selection of acrylic products for sale here. Акрилните дисплеи, store fixtures for sale in hundreds of styles, for locations with limited countertop space or wall sign hanging room. Poster frames are available in several different styles, single or double sided, many with brochure pockets. Buy these hanging poster acrylic displays.

Plastic stands have tremendous retail selling power. Clear plastic containers, acrylic displays energize an event. An acrylic display case complements a product without distracting attention from it! Conference centers, event halls, хотели, universities & businesslove these product lines of acrylic displays. Why have a guest speaker hide behind a table or solid podium when they can conduct their speech or lecture from a clear acrylic lectern. Exhibit the latest released CD’s right on the countertop to inspire a last minute purchases or remind shoppers of an item to buy. Today all stores from apparel retail to toy stores to supermarkets & coffee shops have CD selections orsoundtracks” & what better way to professionally present a product along with information & pricing than an attractive acrylic CD holder.


Do you have a design idea for an acrylic display? We can build it!

  • Send your design ideas to our custom department and they will respond within the next business day.
  • You will receive a prototype of your acrylic display within a few days, and the finished product within a few weeks.
  • If you need special packaging, or additional marketing materials added with your displayno problem!
  • In addition, if you want to personalize your display with a logo or text, we have a silkscreen department.


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