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حول عرض&أصحاب


حول عرض&أصحاب

Our philosophy has, ولا يزال يقوم على تلبية احتياجات العرض عملائنا على أكمل وجه من خلال الاستماع إلى العملاء, خلق وتوفير المنتج المناسب بالسعر المناسب وبالتالي توفير قيمة استثنائية لعملائنا.

Our Competitive Advantages

We know you have many online displays companies to choose from in finding the display or holder that meets your needs. So, why then should you choose us over them?

Consider these facts:

1. Experience

We are a quality manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in the industry with supplying large and small customers in all sectors of our economy.

2. Pricing

As pricing is an important aspect of our product offering, we have priced our large selection of stock displays and holders very competitively to provide you with the greatest value.

3. We Offer Added Value

As a full-service manufacturer we continue to offer:

  • Custom Design, imprinting and fabrication services.
  • Fulfillment services such as literature and product insertion, special packaging, and drop shipments to multiple locations.
  • Free tracking for all online orders.


4. Made in الصين

All of our fabricating, imprinting and shipping services are performed in-house at our main plant in Shenzhen, قوانغدونغ.

5. Quick Shipping

Our production is most efficiencient and has enabled us to have one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry. Order by 2:00pm EST for same day shipping on most products.

6. We Want to Work with You

We understand you may be working within a certain budget. Give us a chance to earn your business by contacting us directly. Our customer service representatives work for you, so that you can receive top quality displays at the best price possible. Give us a try, you wont regret it. E-mail us at info@lokshun.com

You deserve the best. Why not try one of our products?

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