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» 블로그 » Wood pallets being transformed into beautiful home decoration

목재 팔레트 아름다운 가정 장식으로 변화되고


속담, "어떤 오래된 것은 다시 새로운"년 동안 주변되었습니다, 하지만 가장 최근에 인테리어 디자인에서 인기있는 추세를 나타냅니다 - 새로운 목적 사이클링 (upcycling) 오래된 항목을.

DIY 족에 하이 엔드 디자이너 모두가 즐기는 일상 생활에 이러한 경향을 통합한다. 교외 거실에 별 다섯 개짜리 레스토랑에서, 사람들은 나무의 풍화 조각을 찾고 있습니다, discarded metal and unlikely antiques to create a unique, down to earth, and comfortable design aesthetic in their living spaces.

An unusual hero of this new design trend is the wooden pallet, which can easily be purchased at any hardware store. With some creativity and know-how, these inexpensive items can be re-purposed to create a personalized statement in your home that you’ll love.

Re-imagine your wall.

Today, walls are for paint and pictures, but even if you’ve fallen in love with a certain color for your living room, don’t you think your walls can have more personality?

They absolutely can, and one way people are adding new life to their walls is by paneling them with reclaimed wood. To achieve this look, purchase a number of pallets, cut them into various sizes and arrange them on your wall.

To enhance the natural beauty of the wood and to show off your own personal style, pick a few of your favorite stain colors and apply them to the wood.

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