We’re looking for you like that

1, fully understand and willing to follow the concept of multi-Rui poem to operate our common brand.
2, willing to use your enthusiasm and sense of responsibility to manage your team, willing to empower your employees, good use of incentives, so that each one of them can be happy in the work environment to contribute their value. Your wisdom will be able to lead you to the biggest highlight of the efficient team, but also one of the reasons we recognize you.
3, we hope you nowadays fashion and the trend of some understanding, if on this basis to make a more unique view, no doubt for you extra points.
4, the basic knowledge of the industry and business experience, will let you make your career in the future more capability.
5, with plenty of money will let you and I believe that our common cause will be more secure.
6, any investment there are risks, we hope that you invest more than Rui poem of the risks and benefits of a correct understanding and adequate psychological preparation.
   If you have all these conditions, please contact us!
Build a store of your own
1, location and area
    Store investment in 30-60 million, depending on your choice of location and size. We have experience in the building materials business district to find a good location to set up stores will make your business more smoothly. From 80 square meters to 500 square meters, you can choose the type of store for their own situation to do input.
2, staffing
(1) You need to set up such a team
A, Designer: At least one, college education, skilled use of AutoCAD drawings, such as proficient 3DMAX, will be icing on the cake! Multi-Rui poetry has always insisted on the terminal to provide customers with the most professional design services, so the choice of designers is particularly important. After you try to select the appropriate design elite, the company will examine the designer after graduation certificate, to confirm their qualifications, in the pre-opening Commissioner sent to the door for the designer to do professional training, such as its academic performance to the company requirements, Fail to meet the requirements, failed to receive a job card, but also with you in accordance with the requirements of the company to replace the designer.
B, home consultants: multi-Rui poem requires each store can provide customers with professional home with recommendations, you need to configure the size of the corresponding number of home store consultants. Home consultancy qualifications should be above the high school, the image is good, good at expression, with strong communication skills. Only through the training assessment of the home consultant before they have the qualifications to provide services for customers.
C, Installer: At least one, junior high school or higher, have a certain communication skills, a better basis for woodworking. Even with professional design and craftsmanship, we still have to rely on skilled installers in order to allow more Rui poetry products to customers at home to be a perfect display, therefore, select the appropriate installer is very important! Through the training of the installer, will be the end of the store orders to complete a process, the store can successfully deliver the key figures and customers.
(2) according to the size of the store, the formation of not less than 4-6 people in the team, with your leadership to make your team to play the greatest capacity it!
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