Join reason:
1, improve the sound dealer system
2, experienced, powerful manufacturing enterprises to do back-up support
3, the local market dealers to promote support
4, multi-channel promotion, online and offline to bring a huge customer base
5, a nationwide network of uninterrupted media branding
6, sales and design capabilities combined with the training team
7, at any time for the new students to join the open education and training platform
8, carefully selected, full range of rich product line
9, one-stop shopping, one-stop transport
10, at any time to grasp fashion, timely product updates for the development, design and production capacity
We will give you support
1, free of charge to the new store design and display guidance, the existing store to provide upgrade design support.
2, professional products and sales training.
3, store inspection.
4, the store feedback data and customer situation analysis, execution and activity planning guidance.
5, on the existing store for daily operation and maintenance.
6, one-on-one arrangements for staff at any time for the provision of advice and services stores.
7, to deal with daily orders and complaints.
8, to provide technical advice and guidance.
9, all-round advertising support.
10, global procurement, the scale of production, cast the most cost – effective high – quality furniture;
10, summed up the experience of 12 years of the market, developed a set of effective marketing system for different regions of the market to adjust to help dealers achieve maximum returns.
11, three series, dozens of fabric material, avant-garde fashion, to meet the individual and diverse needs.
12. Professional and technical research and development departments, the development of new products each year, new technology, improve market competitiveness.
13, adequate profit margins.
14, regional protection: exclusive agent. To avoid a number of operations, highlighting the competitive advantage, to ensure good efficiency;
15, the core competitiveness: a unique corporate culture + unique products.

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